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Vote for the incorporation of Ukraine into the United States

Putin must never be trusted   Paul Manafort Is Back    Senators call for declassification of files on Russia's role in US election   Russia Weaponized Social Media in U.S. Election   La puissance militaire retrouvée de la Russie   The Danger of Going Soft on Russia    Moskau hofft auf weitere Populisten    Trump’s win may be just the beginning of a global populist wave   Warum die Wahl Donald Trumps eine demokratische Erneuerung ist    Moskau hofft auf weitere Populisten    

If Donald Trump had won the popular vote on November 8, we’d be facing the kind of dilemma that some of our Founders foresaw—a situation where perhaps the Electoral College should step in and override the popular vote, to select someone more qualified for the presidency. But that’s not what happened. Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote—by a lot. Thus, 2016 presents the rare scenario where the projected vote of the Electoral College will override the popular vote, not in the exercise of good conscience, but by mere default, to elect someone who is less qualified for the presidency. Or, to put it another way, 2016 presents the rare opportunity for the Electoral College to override its own default position and to instead embrace the popular majority to elect someone who is infinitely more qualified for the job.

They should choose Clinton!

   L'Europe qui aime Poutine   Is this what America voted for?   Why Vladimir Putin Hates Us   List of people Putin is suspected of assassinating   Trump Jr. Held Secret Talks With Russia Supporters   Putin Has Parked a Trojan Horse Inside Europe   This unlikely place may be where WWIII starts   We should deter Russia, not provoke her   Kremlin ratchets up tension with missile trains   Putin moves his missiles in new threat to Europe   Is Ukraine Headed for Another Revolution?   Why Ukraine Is Losing the War on Corruption   How Vladimir Putin Won the U.S. Election   Merkel geht es um die Bewahrung der Weltordnung   The new special relationship: what does Putin want from Trump?   Licence to kill   Congress may spoil Trump’s Russian reset   Trump opponents try to beat him at the Electoral College   Global Stability in the Trump Era    Russia Works to Develop New Weapons   Die Angst regiert mit in Russland   Ex-Premier lobt Merkels Reaktion auf Trumps Sieg   The dangers of striking a grand bargain with Putin    Vladimir Putin Knows More About Donald Trump’s Plans Than U.S. Officials Do    The United States needs to hold Russia accountable for its aggression   Ukrainians worry they’re the big losers in the U.S. election    Russia strikes Syria hours after Putin-Trump call     Despite Trump, U.S. lawmakers want response to Russia   Hate incidents spreading in wake of Trump win    Megyn Kelly Believes President Donald Trump Could Be ‘Dangerous’   Reality must trump rhetoric after US election shock   Un "destin commun" entre la France et la Russie (M-Le Pen)   Die Interessenskonflikte des Donald Trump    Russia: Putting the ‘nuclear gun’ back on the table    Donald Trump et l’internationale populiste   Alcuni oligarchi russi l’hanno sostenuto Donald Trump    Starker schwacher Putin    

Not Over Yet: Russian Involvement Confirmed, Electoral College Should Deny Trump The Presidency
On Nov. 16, 1933, Joseph Stalin and President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Trump Should Tread Carefully With Russia

What is going on between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump?

Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19

Millions sign petition urging Electoral College to elect Hillary Clinton


The two immediate tests for Trump’s foreign policy   Trump ‘a descendant of Russian ruler’    Avec Trump, la fin de l’Ouest ?   Now is not the time for the US to abandon Nato   Britain’s plan to tame Trump   The Danger of Going Soft on Russia    Moskau hofft auf weitere Populisten    Trump’s win may be just the beginning of a global populist wave   Warum die Wahl Donald Trumps eine demokratische Erneuerung ist    Moskau hofft auf weitere Populisten    

Lies is Putin's Trump card

Putin gains Trump card in geopolitical poker game


Trump tried to influence coverage with gifts   How Trump won the presidency with razor    Homeless in America   For Europe, Trump’s Election Is a Terrifying Disaster   Donald Trump could be impeached within weeks   Dozens of lawsuits mean Trump faces humiliation in court    L’élection de Donald Trump va être un séisme pour le monde    Den Westen wird es unter Trump nicht mehr geben   The one scenario that could still get Hillary into the White House    Donald Trump's US election win stuns scientists    Moscow had contacts with Trump team during campaign    Intelligence community is already feeling a sense of dread about Trump    Putin darf nun auf freie Hand in der Ukraine hoffen    Zu sehr Elite, um einen Giftmischer zu besiegen    Für Deutschland fallen die Würfel nun ganz und gar neu    La cuarta victoria electoral de Putin    Donald Trump’s victory challenges the global liberal order     How Trump won the election, that is the question     Don’t vote for Trump. Elect Clinton   Dictators Everywhere Are Stumping for Trump    Trump masquerades as an angel of light, but he is the father of lies     Wie sich der Kreml in den amerikanischen Wahlkampf einmischt    Donald Trumps deutscher Großvater wurde mit einem Bordell reich    Trump and Russia: All the Mogul’s Men        

Trump and Putin: A Love Story

U.S. officials warn of Russian mischief in election and beyond

Le duel Trump-Clinton passera sans doute à la postérité comme la campagne qui a ébranlé la démocratie

Was bleibt von Obama?

Les Russes choisissent Donald Trump, « candidat de la paix »

US election: The Russia factor

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s Troublemakers

Trump Ends His Campaign—Surprise, Surprise—by Insulting Latinos

Hillary Clinton: by definition Putin doesn’t have a soul

Hillary Clinton will make a fine US president

Putin has cleverly recruited Trump

Trump a Russian agent gets caught in lie


Two Comrades is a novel first published in 2016 by Donald Trump

make everything great again

Trump and Putin: A Love Story

Donald Trump's Dangerous Narcissism

Trump can happen again


Would a Trump presidency hurt or help Trump Inc?

A scientist’s guide to the US election


Would a Trump presidency hurt or help Trump Inc?


Why does a russian spy want to be president?
Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance." It maintained that Trump "and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals." It claimed that Russian intelligence had "compromised" Trump during his visits to Moscow and could "blackmail him."

The shadowy Russian émigré touting Trump

Is Trump a Russian agent?
Reports detail Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia

Did Donald Trump have a secret server communicating with Moscow?

Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?

MI5 head: ‘increasingly aggressive’ Russia a growing threat to UK

Trump used dubious tax avoidance scheme

Putin set to launch huge attack on Aleppo

How to win the new Cold War with Russia?

Russia has a grand plan to undermine the West's democracies

Trump forced FBI's hand

Putin’s Chaos Strategy Is Coming Back to Bite Him in the Ass

It's the economy, stupid!

Adele has publicly supported Clinton

Only Hillary Clinton Is Prepared for the Nuclear Threat

Is Trump Right About Putin?

Russia is preparing for nuclear war

Was will Putin?

Russie, Syrie, le glas sonne pour toi

Beware of Vladimir Putin, the new czar

The Hawk on Russia Policy? Hillary Clinton, Not Donald Trump

Putin is trying to help Donald Trump

Trump and dirty money

The Vladimir Putin Test

America vs. Russia: Will Missile Defense Help in a Global Nuclear War?

Trump the demagogue - Trump the fraudster - Trump the head case
- Trump the fake philanthropist - Trump the liar - Trump the flip-flopper - Trump the ignoramus -
Trump the conspiracy theorist - Trump the tax evader - Trump the divider
- Trump the authoritarian - Trump the security risk - Trump the misogynist -
Trump the enemy of democracy

Who Will Be President?
Hillary Clinton has a 93% chance to win: the Upshot’s elections model suggests that Hillary Clinton is favored to win the presidency, based on the latest state and national polls. A victory by Mr. Trump remains possible: Mrs. Clinton’s chance of losing is about the same as the probability that an N.F.L. kicker misses a 29-yard field goal.

The Trump Show is ending

Are Russia and America Headed Towards a Nuclear War?


How to survive a nuclear World War III

Enemies of Civilization

Russia drills nuclear threat

Russia Is Preparing for a Potential Nuclear Strike

EU leaders to hold talks on Russian political meddling

what should we do about Putin?

Vers une nouvelle confrontation entre l'Otan et la Russie ?

Rusia honra a sus 'zares' sangrientos

5 Strafen, um Putin doch noch zu stoppen

Are the Russians really preparing for war?


Putin fears a Clinton presidency

Russia Is preparing for nuclear War

How is Donald Trump's mental health?

Putins Strategie im Donbass Das Ende der Maskerade

Putin’s secret guide to world domination

Trump kisses Putin

Good Bye Donald, You’re Fired

What Trump is describing in that tape is sexual assault

Trump tried to physically intimidate Clinton

Trumps Werk und Putins Beitrag

Vladimir Putin is bringing back the 1930s

Was Putin antreibt

Syrie : la Russie, de nouveau seule contre tous

What Options Does the U.S. Have After Accusing Russia of Hacks?

Obama’s Russia Epiphany

Holocaust Aleppo

One tweet summarizes tonight's presidential debate

Condoleezza Rice To Donald Trump:
Enough! Donald Trump should not be President. He should withdraw. As a Republican, I hope to support someone who has the dignity and stature to run for the highest office in the greatest democracy on earth

Arnold Schwarzenegger To Donald Trump: You’re Fired


These are the 10 Killer Weapons Russia and America Would Use in a War

The United States and Russia Are Prepping for Doomsday

US Blames Russian Government for Hacking

Putin’s Activation of ‘Iskander-M’ Ballistic Missile Is a Message to Obama

Future war with Russia or China

Let’s get Vladimir Putin’s attention

The Real Reason Russia Invaded Ukraine

Trump’s taxes are telling us something

Russia’s Bombing of Aleppo Must End

Is Trump a porn star?

Biden torches Trump for PTSD comments

The pontiff suggests that Trump is not a Christian

Trump Showed Why He’s Dangerous

Trump didn't pay taxes for years and lived in such luxury

Trump? How Could We?

Do not vote for a "dangerous demagogue' Trump, USA Today tells its readers

The reasons Trump should not be president:

He is erratic. Trump has been on so many sides of so many issues that attempting to assess his policy positions is like shooting at a moving target. A list prepared by NBC details 124 shifts by Trump on 20 major issues since shortly before he entered the race. He simply spouts slogans and outcomes (he’d replace Obamacare with “something terrific”) without any credible explanations of how he’d achieve them.

He is ill-equipped to be commander in chief. Trump’s foreign policy pronouncements typically range from uninformed to incoherent. It’s not just Democrats who say this. Scores of Republican national security leaders have signed an extraordinary open letter calling Trump’s foreign policy vision “wildly inconsistent and unmoored in principle.” In a Wall Street Journal column this month, Robert Gates, the highly respected former Defense secretary who served presidents of both parties over a half-century, described Trump as “beyond repair.”

He traffics in prejudice. From the very beginning, Trump has built his campaign on appeals to bigotry and xenophobia, whipping up resentment against Mexicans, Muslims and migrants. His proposals for mass deportations and religious tests are unworkable and contrary to America’s ideals. Trump has stirred racist sentiments in ways that can’t be erased by his belated and clumsy outreach to African Americans. His attacks on an Indiana-born federal judge of Mexican heritage fit “the textbook definition of a racist comment,” according to House Speaker Paul Ryan, the highest-ranking elected official in the Republican Party. And for five years, Trump fanned the absurd “birther” movement that falsely questioned the legitimacy of the nation’s first black president.

His business career is checkered. Trump has built his candidacy on his achievements as a real estate developer and entrepreneur. It’s a shaky scaffold, starting with a 1973 Justice Department suit against Trump and his father for systematically discriminating against blacks in housing rentals. (The Trumps fought the suit but later settled on terms that were viewed as a government victory.) Trump’s companies have had some spectacular financial successes, but this track record is marred by six bankruptcy filings, apparent misuse of the family’s charitable foundation, and allegations by Trump University customers of fraud. A series of investigative articles published by the USA TODAY Network found that Trump has been involved in thousands of lawsuits over the past three decades, including at least 60 that involved small businesses and contract employees who said they were stiffed. So much for being a champion of the little guy.

He isn’t leveling with the American people. Is Trump as rich as he says? No one knows, in part because, alone among major party presidential candidates for the past four decades, he refuses to release his tax returns. Nor do we know whether he has paid his fair share of taxes, or the extent of his foreign financial entanglements.

He speaks recklessly. In the days after the Republican convention, Trump invited Russian hackers to interfere with an American election by releasing Hillary Clinton’s emails, and he raised the prospect of “Second Amendment people” preventing the Democratic nominee from appointing liberal justices. It’s hard to imagine two more irresponsible statements from one presidential candidate.

He has coarsened the national dialogue. Did you ever imagine that a presidential candidate would discuss the size of his genitalia during a nationally televised Republican debate? Neither did we. Did you ever imagine a presidential candidate, one who avoided service in the military, would criticize Gold Star parents who lost a son in Iraq? Neither did we. Did you ever imagine you’d see a presidential candidate mock a disabled reporter? Neither did we. Trump’s inability or unwillingness to ignore criticism raises the specter of a president who, like Richard Nixon, would create enemies’ lists and be consumed with getting even with his critics.

He’s a serial liar. Although polls show that Clinton is considered less honest and trustworthy than Trump, it’s not even a close contest. Trump is in a league of his own when it comes to the quality and quantity of his misstatements. When confronted with a falsehood, such as his assertion that he was always against the Iraq War, Trump’s reaction is to use the Big Lie technique of repeating it so often that people begin to believe it.
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Donald Trump was imagined as a voluptuous beauty queen in an illustration on The New Yorker’s latest cover, a response to his fat-shaming remarks about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

As 'an unwitting agent' of Russia, Trump says Russia isn't to blame for MH17

Putin Sets His Disinformation Trolls on the MH17 Investigators

MH17 shot down by missile brought into Ukraine from Russia

Russia and Flight MH17

Who won the presidential debate?
(CNN)Hillary Clinton was deemed the winner of Monday night's debate by 62% of voters who tuned in to watch, while just 27% said they thought Donald Trump had the better night, according to a CNN/ORC Poll of voters who watched the debate.

Watch the full first 2016 Presidential Debate

New York Times endorses Hillary Clinton for president


The America's newspapers called Donald Trump a liar

Trump is a pathological liar and should not be president of the USA

Trump is the most important Kremlin's trump card in the game with the United States

Trump on the Egyptian dictator who killed 800 people in one day: “fantastic guy”

Trump Loves Putin

How a Russian Fascist Is Meddling in America’s Election

Trump Gives Up a Lie

Trump is a big liar and he's just trying to put people against Hillary

Trump is wrong on U.S. jobs

Trump ushered a hateful fringe movement into the mainstream

Is Russia Preparing for War?

Let's talk about Mr. Trump

Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned

Putin’s View Of Trump

Trump is a Russian Agent


Donald Trump and Russia


The world according to Donald Trump

The Bloody Czar

Russian War Crimes in Syria

Two years after downing of flight MH17

Download the report "MH17 The Open Source Investigation Two Years Later"

Putin Threatens the West With NATO Ultimatum

Q&A with Gen. Philip Breedlove

Why Russian planes are playing ‘chicken’ with US forces

Kremlin Provocations and War Games Risk Real War

Why Is Productivity So Weak? Three Theories

Putin Is Lying About Withdrawing Forces From Syria

Panama Papers’ Russian Mob Connection

Putin Should Beware the Drip-Drip of the Panama Papers

Wie Putin das Projekt Europa destabilisieren will

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