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ABBA - Happy New Year

Обамушка вже купив нафту, і не тільки купив, але навіть розлив
Obamushka has already bought the oil, in fact he has not only bought it, but has already spilled it
Обамушка уже купил нефть, и не только купил, но даже разлил


Vote for the incorporation of the Ukraine into the USA

Putin’s self-destructing economy

Russia on War Path Leaves Siluanov to Scrape By as Funds Ebb

While Russia’s Economy Crumbles, Putin’s in Wonderland

What It’s Like to Have Russian Jets Bomb the Crap Out of Your Town

Russia Rearms for a New Era

A new field has been opened up to science; without the aid of any Faustian retorts a homunculus has been created. Oh, what a glorious confirmation of the theory of evolution! Oh, the sublime chain leading from a dog to Putin the great President!

At Least 9,115 Killed in Ukraine Conflict

Russian truckers drive a hard bargain

Bush saw Putin’s ‘soul.’ Obama wants to appeal to his brain

Russian Media Takes Aim at Turkey

Stakes in Syria much higher for Putin than Obama

Does he want World War III ?

only putin knows how to help fight climate change

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change

Can nations unite to save Earth’s climate?

Putin Has Misjudged Turkey's Erdogan

Turkey’s Warning Shot

Erdogan vs Putin

Putin's Emergency Politics

Can Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin Fix Syria Together?

Russia cooks its defense books

Beware Russian ‘Help’ in the Middle East

How Russians Created the ‘Red Web’

How We Know Russia Shot Down MH17 (download pdf file)

How We Know Russia Shot Down MH17 (Auf Deutsch herunterladen pdf file)

The Chess Master vs. Putin

Putin’s Forever Wars

The Dark Past of Putin’s Media Chief

Why is Russia bombing my town?

Putin’s nemesis: Can Mikheil Saakashvili survive long enough to make a difference?

Special Report: Putin's daughters and Russia's second-generation elite

Russia Can't Keep Relying on Oil

Egypt Plane Crash: The Russian Media Veers Into Conspiracy

How Russia's President Controls The News

Is Vladimir Putin Trying to Teach the West a Lesson in Syria?

Russia Bombs, ISIS Gains

God’s TV, Russian style

To Be a Russian

Putin’s Smart Bombs Aren’t All That Smart

Cyberspace Becomes Second Front in Russia’s Clash With NATO

It's the Economy, Putin

Putin’s Imperial Adventure in Syria

Putin’s model of success

Russia’s Information Campaign Spreads From Ukraine to Syria

Russia Is Repeating Cold War Mistakes in Syria

A new spectacle for the masses

The Real Story Behind Putin’s Syria Strikes

What is Russia's Plan in Syria?

Putin the Terrible: Understanding Russia's New Tsar

Putin shifts fronts in Syria and Ukraine

Why Putin Wants the West to Forget Ukraine

Putin is not a gangster, he is a grandmaster...from the KGB
How can I be a gangster, if I work with the KGB?

Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?

The Economic Aid Ukraine Needs Now

Walls, Borders, a Dome and Refugees

Why Russians Hate America. Again.

Putin Is a Cat Stuck Up in a Tree and Needs Helping Down

Former Russian rebels trade war in Ukraine for posh life in Moscow

Putin’s Propaganda TV Lies About Its Popularity

Don’t Trust Putin on Syria

Does Putin Have a Plan for Syria?

Is Russia preparing for a war in Syria?

Why Putinism Will Survive Putin

Kremlin's Millions

Russia is condemning itself to repeat history

How TV propaganda is affecting Russian society

Russia can break out of Putin’s thrall

Russian court jails Ukrainian film-maker for 20 years over terror offences

Ukrainian Director Sentenced to 20 Years in Labor Camp in Show Trial

Putin's Latest Ukraine Gambit: A Puppet Government in Exile

Putin vs. Parmesan

U.S. Told Ukraine to Stand Down as Putin Invaded

Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief

Putin Revives Soviet Deal of Pretend-Work-and-Pay to Hide Crisis

Vladimir Putin Rode In A Submarine Yet Again Because Putin

Inflation Robs Russians of Buying Power

Russia Burns Dutch Flowers Amid Netherlands’ Inquiry Into Malaysia Airlines Crash

What the West Gets Wrong About Russia

How to beat Vladimir Putin in the battle for hearts and eyeballs

The New Cold War Is Going Digital

Why Putin’s Phony Wars Work Better Than ‘Real Ones’

In Putins Russland herrscht die Luge als System

A Moscow of Dancing Feet, Under an Iron Fist

Russia’s Stalinist Diplospeak


one year after downing of flight MH17


Meet Eliot Higgins, Putin’s MH17 Nemesis





devil's faces

Want to know Vladimir Putin’s secrets?

Pray for Ukraine

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